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E-Drains Services - Pipe Replacement and Pipe DescalingIf you live in an older home and haven’t had a sewer repair done, you probably have cast iron pipes. These pipes have a lifespan of about 50 years.  After that they can crack, and cause all sorts of problems.

These pipes are prone to corrosion (rusting) and calcification. Because of normal wear and tear, you may find yourself facing a slow or clogged drain. Once your main sewer line is clogged you may hear your toilet making a gurgling sound, or it may be really slow to flush. This usually accompanies a clogged shower drain as well.

These are clear signs that you need to check your main sewer line.  When it backs up like this, you need to call in an experienced drain technician before things escalate to a complete blockage that can cause a nasty backflow of sewage water and or a flood. We can help you with your lines by conducting a thorough pipe descaling also known as a chain cleaning process. Read on to find out more about this process and how it can help you as a property owner.

The Definition of Cast Iron Pipe Descaling

When you ask your plumber for this service, they will come with a specialized machine. At E-Drains we only use top of line equipment so we like to use PICOTE products. This has a high-speed rotating cable with attachments. These tools turn super-fast as it traverses your pipes. As a result, they scrape away the heavy build-up found in the inner walls of your pipes. Through this method, you can extend the life of your existing pipes, which is more affordable than a complete pipe replacement.

The Safety Level of Pipe Descaling Method

If you are worried that your old pipes will get damaged by descaling, don’t worry. Remember, your plumber will conduct a camera inspection first before deciding on what treatment plan to recommend. The pipe descaling method is proven to be the most effective and safe, even for pipes that are decades old.

The Benefits of Pipe Descaling

You will find that these services come with a host of benefits. As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you must consider this for your pipes, especially if the traditional methods do not work. Let’s look at the significant benefits of this technique below:

If you have severely damaged pipes, you don’t want to exacerbate the issue. Thus, pipe descaling is the safest method to clean the inner walls. After all, you want your pipe system in good working condition, free from cracks and leaks after the cleaning process.

After gentle descaling, you prolong the life of your pipes. Remember, descaling cleans your pipes thoroughly. As such, you restore the diameter to its original (or at least almost original) condition. With this, you are sure that your sewer pipes become optimized once again. Since the build-up is gone, your pipes can serve you for several more years. On top of that, since you use the least amount of pressure.

Since pipe descaling is the most effective in taking out build-up, you will find an overall improvement in your drainage. Remember, your property’s drain does a lot of hard work every single day. In time, due to normal wear and tear, your pipes will inevitably be full of sludge. All this debris and accumulated waste lead to drain issues. As such, descaling cleans and washes away this nasty build-up that wrecks your piping system’s inner walls. Though the build-up does not completely block your pipes, it can slow down water and other elements from draining efficiently and quickly. If you find bathwater or the sink not draining as fast as it normally does, you need to call the pros for pipe cleaning services.

Even the cleanest and neatest homeowner will eventually smell sewer water at some point in time. This stench emanates from your shower drains.
These are red flags that show you need to give your pipes their much-needed attention. Pipe descaling and cleaning will deter foul odors. The last thing you want permeating in your home is the annoying scent of your sewage system. If you want to keep this away from your home, call a professional.

Getting these professional services can save you money in the long run. Keep in mind; clean pipes will not clog or block your drains. As a result, you also spend less on household drainage and maintenance products. For example, the chemical lye will cause further corrosion in your cast iron pipes. Thus, it is much better to seek professional help.

The Length of Time It Takes To Descale A Pipe System

The estimated time for descaling is estimated at 1 hour to 4 hours of work upstream and downstream. The exact amount of time needed to finish the project will depend on the amount of build-up in your pipes. Other factors that influence this are the length of your piping system, as well as the existing condition of your existing cast iron pipes. To help manage your expectations, allow at least a few hours. Professionals will need that amount of time to thoroughly work on your pipes. Besides, they need to do a visual inspection with a camera on a cable to ascertain and evaluate your pipes. If you are doing a relining, expect even more time as the sewer pipes need descaling and cleaning to be ready for this service.


We do not like to charge by the hour, we will just give you a flat fee. Some jobs take longer than expected and we do not want you to feel stressed about paying more than you expected. Chain cleaning jobs can range from $900 to $1800. We pride ourselves in being upfront about pricing and have unbeatable rates. In fact, if any licensed plumber or drain technician can beat our price we will give you an even better deal. That is our thanks to you for choosing E-Drains. We would like you to be ANOTHER HAPPY E-DRAINS CUSTOMER

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