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    Main Water Line Replacement San Diego

      Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you. For an immediate response, please call 844-353-7246.

      Main Water Line Replacement in San Diego

      If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill, or perhaps a drop in water pressure, you may have a problem with your main water line. Also called the service line, it runs water from the meter at the curb to your home, connecting your plumbing system. This pipe runs underground, so it’s difficult to see any damage or needed repairs. Made from PVC, galvanized piping, brass, or copper, your main water line is one of the most important parts of your fresh water system. Here’s how you can spot a damaged water main, and how E-Drains can help.

      Signs You Need a New Main Water Line

      If you notice any of the following symptoms of a damaged main water line, now’s the time to act and get that fixed.

      • Spike in your water bill – Leaks are wasting water and cash. Check faucets, showers, toilets, sprinklers and other potential leak sources, before you settle on the main water line being the culprit.
      • Drop in water pressure – If only one shower head or faucet looses its pressure, the leak may inside your home. But if you notice your entire plumbing system has lost its usual pressure, then it could mean your main water line is failing.
      • Flooding in your yard – Your water line is for you, not your grass. If you notice areas of your yard that are extra green or pools of water, your water line may be leaking into the soil.
      • Discoloration in your water supply – Not only will your water look funny, it might contain toxic chemicals that breed bacteria. Don’t drink it!

      If you left any of these signs unnoticed, you’re risking more then you might think. Thousands of dollars spent on vanishing water, water damage in your home, and settling soil in your yard, could be just the tip of the iceberg.

      Why You Should Replace and Not repair

      Plumbers in San Diego at E-Drains highly recommended replacement over repairing damaged main water lines.

      • Repair is temporary – You might address the immediate problem, but that won’t stop the old pipe from leaking somewhere else down the line.
      • Not cost-effective – The amount of constant repairs will soon pass the cost of replacement.
      • Banned – Older homes built before the 1960s may have lead or galvanized water lines, which are banned in the state of California from being repaired or used in new construction. So the only option would be for new pipes built with better material.

      E-Drains Main Water Line Replacement

      At E-Drains, we pride ourselves in offering the best solutions available. Our replacement process involves finding your main water line, manually removing and replacing the old pipe, and finally backfilling the trench.

      Our team of professional plumbers and contractors have the best and most effective repair solutions for you. Calling us will ensure you have:

      • Fast, reliable, and affordable costs
      • Reliable service you can trust
      • Guaranteed quality
        Assured gratification
      • Cost-effective solutions
      • 24-hour emergency service

      We offer both free estimates and ballpark phone quotes that save our clients time and money. To ensure that we have the right people and tools for the job before arrival we ask key questions related to the plumbing trouble being experienced.

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